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PhiBrows Master Jade Petkov offers the most advanced in microblading training. Also bringing you PhiContour, PhiLings & PhiRemoval.

Check out all our PhiBrows & PhiContour products. We also stock a number of consumables, disinfectants and anaesthetics for microblading and cosmetic tattoo use.


Products are for industry professionals only

PhiBrows Practice Ink 10mls

Sticks to the blade with ease and precision and creates crisp and fine lines with no blurry effect. Ideal for bringing your technique to a whole new level without limiting your practice time or pigment resources.

Great for both beginners and professionals who want to perfect their technique on daily basis.

*One universal color

**WARNING: Do not use on the skin!

PhiBrows Disposable Tool Blade & Shade 10pcs

Phi Blade & Shade tool includes the following additions:

-304 U Blade used to create crisp and ultra natural microblading strokes.

– 3R Shading Blade used to achieve subtle and realistic effect of shading with ease and precision

– Pigment ring with blade cleanser. Slide the blade through the specially angled slant to clean the pigment from the blade when necessary. …

Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit

Specially designed 3D double printed latex pads for a whole new level of experience with some of the best Phi patterns worldwide at one place, for a totally unique experience of self development. Each latex pad has slightly printed eyebrow patterns which enables you to create different styles.

Extremely flexible with a feeling of a real skin. The previously marked eyebrow …

PhiRemoval Enzyme Power

PhiRemoval Enzyme Power is a next level advanced tattoo removal formula, providing a highly efficient removal of the tattoo composition in few treatments.

Developed with special modifying tattoo removal agents, it deeply acts on the treated area, without damaging the skin if used properly. The micro enzymes in this formula gradually remove the tattoo pigment from skin, achieving the desired effect …

Jade Petkov

Jade Petkov


Jade is trained in multiple different disciplines such as microblading, permanent makeup, microneedling, plasma treatments and eyelash extensions.


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WHAT IS MICROBLADING? Now that’s the question isn’t it? Microblading is a technique that has been used for thousands of years.  Originally called eyebrow embroidery or feathering, a name given to the technique by its creators Read more…

PhiBrows Master Jade Petkov

Jade Petkov is an international trainer and PhiBrows Microblading Master. Microblading is a skill that takes time and effort. Although Microblading is actually type of PMU, it is still a separate and completely different skill. In comparison Read more…

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