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PhiBrows Master Jade Petkov offers the most advanced in microblading training. Also bringing you PhiContour, PhiLings & PhiRemoval.

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“Although Microblading is actually type of PMU, it is still a separate and completely different skill.
In comparison with classic PMU which is done with a machine for microblading, it definitely provides a possibility to draw thinner hair.

At the beginning of education I am explaining to my students that microblading is a skill requiring several months of practice before starting to work on a live models and doing longer lasting version.
Movements for drawing curved hair and movements for color filling are specific and they require a lot of practice.

It is very demanding to work on someone’s face and I am trying to explain this to my students. In my opinion practicing on live models is very irresponsible and providing a certificate immediately after course, because microblading is not a theory, it’s a skill.

I am wondering does certificate should be a proof of presence at the training or a proof of possession of a skill. To obtain the skill, 3 months of practicing is needed.
One should be capable to know:
– realistic spread
– different natural beginnings (routes)
– symmetry
– calculating shape based on the golden mean
– color filling

When work is ready to be marked?
After one month from the day of execution.

If color is clear, hair is not lost, and there are no color diffusion, someone’s work can be marked as good.
On forums we rarely can see “healed” photos of their work and actually those photos are proof about the quality because photos of just completed work always look nice.

Which eyebrows are the best?
Those that no one has noticed.”

– Branco Babić


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