Microblading training is the first and most important step to your career.

Microblading Academy Branko Babic is the oldest microblading school in Europe. The idea of manual eyebrow drawing itself originated in China. However, Branko adapted the original technique to the European women type, which was a lot different from the Asian style. How did Branko Babic start a revolution in the world of permanent make up?

Besides adapting Asian technique to the European client type, he also:
– introduced the golden intersection compass (1.618) into the shape design
– designed “fractal strokes pattern”
– introduced digital calculation of symmetry using his phibrows application
– invented entirely new tools, such as “eccentric holder”, “phibrows tool”, “phibrush”
– created the first microblading pigment that does not contain heavy metals and is not based on iron oxid
– raised the hygienic conditions standard to the highest possible level
– created a brand new concept of teaching the technique using classroom system in a specially designed online learning application “craft master”.

The number of perfect or divine design (1.618) that phibrows artists use is marked with Greek letter PHI in mathematics and art and that is where the name PHIBROWS comes from.

You can find a very interesting map of certified phibrows Artists on the website www.phibrows.com. Royal Artists are among them. They are the arists whose skills are recognized by all the Masters of Branko’s Academy. This means that the Academy guarantees a supreme technique and supreme materials to all the users of this treatment if they choose Royal Artists.

All Royal Artists have an opportunity to become Academy’s Masters, and the last level of advancement is the Grand Master. This title represents an artist who improved the techinque and raised it on a higher level using new and established methods.

This entire system resulted in phibrows artists being the most appreciated and the best paid ones in the world of microblading.

Phibrows technique is used worldwide and phibrows logo is recognized as a sign of prestige, supreme skill and equipment.


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